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[UVTAGG] - Press Release - Free online meeting, Sat, 10 Jul 2021, 10-11 am, MDT, MICHAEL L. STRAUSS

 [UVTAGG] - Press Release - Free online meeting, Sat, 10 Jul 2021, 10-11 am, MDT,  MICHAEL L. STRAUSS


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[Short Version]==============================
UVTAGG MEETING, Saturday 10 Jul 2021 - Free online on Facebook and Zoom meeting
(There will be no additional class this month.)
Details and links to watch are on  and on the UVTAGG Facebook page

[Long version]===============================
UVTAGG Meeting (Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group) Saturday, 10 Jul 2021, 10-11 am MDT - Free online on Facebook and Zoom

(There will be no additional class this month.)

Details and links to watch the meeting are on  and on the UVTAGG Facebook page.

DESCRIPTION OF MAIN PRESENTATION:  Known alternatively as the War for Independence fought between 1775-1783, it arose from tensions between England and her young upstart colonies. Violence would erupt on a Spring morning in Lexington, Massachusetts with the “Shot heard around the world” sounding the beginning of the war. Records of it include service files, pensions, bounty land warrants, loyalists, and Hessian records covering the war. 

MICHAEL L. STRAUSS, AG, is a nationally recognized genealogical researcher and speaker.  He is a native of Pennsylvania and a resident of Utah and works as a Research Manager with Ancestry. Michael has a BA in History and is planning on getting additional degrees. He is a United States Coast Guard veteran, a licensed Private Investigator, and is certified to testify as an expert witness in courts in many U.S. states. He is also a faculty member of SLIG, GRIP, and IGHR, genealogy course programs across the U.S., where he is the coordinator for the military history courses taught. More information and how to contact him is at -- .

For more details about the meetings see the UVTAGG webpage  and  .  Anyone can view these presentations on Facebook by going to the UVTAGG Facebook Page. Members of UVTAGG can watch on Zoom, which is more interactive, by going to and waiting while your UVTAGG membership is verified. This meeting will only be online and not in-person due to the Covid pandemic. We hope to have these meetings in-person, as well as online, again soon.  Many of the recent presentations and classes are on Facebook and on the UVTAGG YouTube channel. 

All meetings of the Group are open to the public with the goal of helping people use technology to further their family and personal history.  The blog of press releases is at  and you can subscribe there to receive them by email.  Besides being able to watch on ZOOM, members of the Group ($15/year) receive the  monthly email newsletter TAGGology and have access to the more than 500 videos of past presentations and classes.  The TAGGology newsletter contains a wealth of information about genealogy, including information for Temple and Family History Consultants.  Free sample copies of the Newsletter can be requested on the UVTAGG website.  Officers of UVTAGG are Gerhard Ruf, President; Laurie Castillo, 1st VP; Don Snow, 2nd VP; Rick Klemetson, Membership Officer; Marilyn Thomsen, TAGGology Newsletter Editor; Rayanne Melick, Finance Officer; Bruce Merrill and Jackson Andersen, Videographers and Librarians; Eileen Phelps, Special Projects Coordinator; Carol Hill, FamilySearch Facebook Coordinator; James Anderson, FamilySearch Coordinator; Rick Wightman, Chris Stevenson, Brent Nelson, and Jerry Castillo broadcast Specialists and Webmasters.  The Group is in its 31st year.  For further information contact President Gerhard Ruf at  (801-225-6106), or 1st VP Laurie Castillo at , or 2nd VP Don Snow at .

Donald R. Snow, 2nd VP, .

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