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Your Source for Technology Help in Family History

The Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group is a grass-roots, non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization. It is devoted to fostering the use of technology for family history.

UVTAGG is an organization of genealogists who use computers and Personal Ancestral File or other genealogy programs for record keeping. Although we meet in Provo, our members come from throughout Utah, from other states, even some from overseas. Check out our web site at to see what is happening.
  • Monthly Meetings
    We hold meetings on the 2nd Saturday of each month, except December, in the Edgemont area of Provo, Utah. Meetings are open to the public. They generally include a main presentation and are followed by six to eight classes on topics relating the use of technology in furthering your family history. Subscribing to this blog feed will notify you of our upcoming meetings and announcements.
  • Monthly Newsletter
    Our monthly publication, TAGGology, (formerly PAFology) is sent via email and/or snail mail to members of the group (see how to become a member) about the time of each meeting. It includes articles of general interest to those using computers to further their family history. Members may choose to receive the newsletter via snail mail or email or both. Selected articles of lasting interest are also published on the web for public access.
  • Updated Listing of Utah County Family History Centers
    Volunteers from the group keep in touch with FHCs in Utah County, Utah to maintain an updated list including address, phone, hours, hardware and special collection information.
  • Video Lending Library
    Videotapes of many main presentations classes that seem to have the biggest interest demand at our monthly meetings can be borrowed or purchased by members of the Utah Valley PAF Users Group. A list and instructions is available on the videos page.

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  1. Over the past 2 1/2 years, I have spent nearly 2,000 hours with New FamilySearch--beta-testing, teaching at our family history center, helping patrons, and cleaning my family tree. Several family history consultants asked me to write a manual for teaching New FamilySearch in their wards.

    So, I have posted a 66-page manual, entitled How To Use New FamilySearch Correctly, in PDF format, at, from which any New FamilySearch patron is welcome to print it.

    It provides tips and Do's and Dont's. Chapter 3 identifies the most efficient order of tasks to clean your family tree (so you won't be so overwhelmed). The manual also reviews New FamilySearch's future plans, and it evaluates the third-party software programs.

    I will update it whenever there is a major revision to New FamilySearch, which is about every 3 months. (The next should be in early November.)

    I offer it to your readers and hope it will help many.

    Best regards,

    George W. Scott
    Orem, Utah