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[UVTAGG] Press Release: Family History meeting Saturday morning, 08 Sep 2018, Provo, Utah, and online

Journalists and newsletter editors, please run this as a news item and/or in your calendar of events.  For a shorter version please show the main speaker and topic, give the UVTAGG websites, and say there are classes and helps at all levels of genealogy.  If you need further information, please email me.  Thanks.
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[UVTAGG] Press Release: Family History meeting Saturday morning, 08 Sep 2018, Provo, Utah, and online

The next meeting of the UVTAGG (Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group) will be on Saturday, 08 Sep 2018, 9 am to noon, in the Latter-day Saints "Red" Chapel, 4050 North Timpview Dr., Provo, Utah 84604.  This is the regular second-Saturday-of-the-month meeting and the main speaker this month will be Bob Ives on INTRODUCTION TO THE FAMILY HISTORY GUIDE.  This is the family history website that everyone is talking about:  The Family History Guide -- .  Approved as a learning and training resource for FamilySearch, this free website brings you a world class learning system with Projects, Goals, Choices, and Steps to guide you.  Beginners will feel right at home with the Quick Start process, Computer Basics, and Family History Basics sections.  More experienced learners can explore the many links to key family history articles and videos.

Robert A. Ives, M.Ed., is the Executive Director and Co-founder of The Family History Guide Association.  He has teaching and technology in his blood and was a teacher and administrator in a large school district.  He received his B.S. in Education from BYU, an M.Ed. in Computerized Curriculum Design and Administrative Certification from the University of Utah, and attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute.  He introduced the use of “micro” computers into classrooms and taught Turtle Graphics from MIT and Basic programming to his elementary school students.  He also served as the Director of Instructional Technology for the Utah State Office of Education.  Bob was instrumental in the pervasive spread of early technology in Utah and the development of cutting edge programs such as satellite distance learning with IBM.  After leaving the State Office of Education he formed his own technology consulting and training company, Educational Renaissance, Inc., and worked as an IBM business partner for 15 years.  As a trainer for IBM Educational Systems he traveled all over the US and Pacific Rim.  Other clients included McGraw-Hill and Allyn & Bacon.  He also served on such state and national committees as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Technology Committee in Washington, DC and the Utah Governors’ Computer Literacy Task Force.  He has given presentations all over the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia and Malaysia and has managed several other companies with his rich business background.  He has also served as an Adjunct Professor at Utah State University in teacher training.  He and his wife Dawn have two sons and four grandchildren and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year.  He has served as an Latter-day Saints bishop and in two stake presidencies and currently is the Technology Coordinator for the Sandy Utah Granite Family History Center.  Since he is now “retired”, he only works four jobs! 

After the main presentation the following classes are scheduled.  See the UVTAGG website and blog (URLs below) for last minute changes.
(2)  Don Engstrom, John Blake, and Lee Cox, ASK AN EXPERT (Personal Help)
(3)  Video of the Aug main presentation, Don Snow, MAKING SIDE-BY-SIDE IMAGES OF NEWSPAPER ARTICLES

All meetings of UVTAGG are open to the public, whether members of the Group or not.  The meetings have something for everyone, especially Latter-day Saints Temple and Family History Consultants.  The Group has the goal of helping individuals use technology to further their family history and there are usually 30-40 people at the monthly meetings in person and more attending via the Internet.  To watch the meeting on the Internet go to the website  at 9 am the morning of the meeting and click on the link to join with your Facebook account.  During the class period at about 10:35 am, repeat this process to watch the class that is being broadcast.  The live presentation and class are open to the public at no charge.  Also, anyone can sign up to receive emails of the press releases on the blog .

The Group is also experimenting with a new program of teaching online family history classes between the regular meetings for anyone interested, whether members of the Group or not.  The September classes, their topics, times, and how to register, will be announced at this meeting, will be listed in TAGGology, the monthly newsletter, and will be posted on the website.  Benefits of membership ($15/year and half price after Jun) include having access to the more than 400 past presentations and classes on the website, receiving TAGGology, the monthly newsletter, via email each month, and having access to many genealogy resources through UVTAGG's membership in the Federation of Genealogical Societies.  The officers are Gerhard Ruf, President; Laurie Castillo, 1st VP; Don Snow, 2nd VP; Eileen Phelps, Newsletter Editor; Don Engstrom, Membership; Rayanne Melick, Finances; Bruce Merrill and Marie Andersen, Video Library; and Rick Wightman, Chris Stevenson, Brent Nelson, and Rick Klemetson, Webmasters.  Several of these will be at the meeting to help with membership and check out or sell to members the inexpensive DVDs of past main presentations and classes.  Gift memberships and DVDs make good presents for family history-minded relatives, friends, and Temple and Family History Consultants.  Volunteers who help with the organization get reduced rates for membership.  For further information about UVTAGG contact President Gerhard Ruf at  (801-225-6106), or 1st VP Laurie Castillo at , or 2nd VP Don Snow at .

Don Snow, 2nd VP, .

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