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[UVTAGG] Press Release for UVTAGG meeting Saturday morning, 10 Mar 2018, Provo

Journalists and newsletter editors, please run this as a news item and/or in your calendar of events.  For a shorter version please show the main speaker and topic, give the UVTAGG websites, and say there are classes at all levels of genealogy.  If you need further information, please email me.  Thanks.
Don Snow --

[UVTAGG] Press Release for UVTAGG meeting Saturday morning, 10 Mar 2018, Provo

The next meeting of the UVTAGG (Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group) will be on Saturday, 10 Mar 2018, from 9 am to noon in the LDS "Red Chapel", 4050 North Timpview Drive (650 East), Provo.  This is the regular 2nd-Saturday-of-the-month meeting.  The main presentation will be by Melissa Corn Finlay, AG, and will be on DISCOVER THE STORY BEHIND THE FACTS.  Someone said that genealogy is the names, dates, and places, and family history adds the details about their lives, so most people like family history since it has the stories.  Melissa will show us how we can find the life stories of our ancestors, besides just the names and dates.  Melissa Corn Finlay gained a passion for genealogy research as a young teen.  She earned her BA in Family History-Genealogy from BYU and has been teaching others how to discover and share their family history for 20 years.  She was just accredited by ICAPGen with a professional credential in the U.S. Mid-South region.  She is a popular speaker and gave a class at RootsTech 2018 in the Salt Palace last week.  More information about her is available on and Finlay Family Website .  

If you can't attend the meeting in Provo in person, see below how to watch it via the Internet.  This meeting will also have the annual UVTAGG elections of officers.  After the main presentation, the following classes are currently scheduled this month.  See the UVTAGG website and blog (URL's below) for last minute changes and additions since there may be an additional class this month, possibly one of the classes from RootsTech 2018.

(3)  Don Engstrom and John Blake, ASK AN EXPERT (Personal Help)
(4)  Video of the February meeting main presentation, Francie Kennedy on GOOGLE'S "MY MAPS"
(5)  Gaylon Findlay, ANCESTRAL QUEST

This is the regular UVTAGG meeting and all meetings of UVTAGG are open to the public, whether members of the Group or not.  The meetings have something for all levels of family history expertise and this includes youth, those just getting interested in genealogy, seasoned genealogists, and LDS Temple and Family History Consultants.  The Group has the goal of helping individuals use technology to further their family history and there are usually 40-50 people attending the monthly meetings, many of whom are Temple and Family History Consultants.  The Group is live-streaming the main presentation and one of the classes using Facebook, as well as posting the videos on their website , for members to watch later.  To watch the meeting live, after it starts at 9 am, Saturday, 10 Mar 2018, click on the link on their website and join with your Facebook account.  On the website is information about the meeting location, current and past presentations, classes, and class notes, and a place to join or renew your $15/year membership; or you can join or renew at the meeting.  Members receive the monthly newsletter TAGGology via email and have access to many genealogy resources through the UVTAGG's membership in the Federation of Genealogical Societies.  On the press release blog  is a place to subscribe for emails of the press releases the week before the meetings.  The officers are Gerhard Ruf, President; Laurie Castillo, 1st VP; Don Snow, 2nd VP; Eileen Phelps, Newsletter Editor; Don Engstrom, Membership; Rayanne Melick, Finances; Bruce Merrill and Marie Andersen, Video Library; and Rick Wightman, Chris Stevenson, Brent Nelson, and Rick Klemetson, Webmasters.  Several of these will be at the meeting to answer questions, help with membership, and check out or sell to members the inexpensive DVDs of past main presentations and classes.  Gift memberships and DVDs make good presents for family history-minded relatives, friends, and Temple and Family History Consultants.  Volunteers who help with the organization get membership for reduced rates.  For further information contact President Gerhard Ruf at  (801-225-6106), or 1st VP Laurie Castillo at , or 2nd VP Don Snow at .  An additional note this month, Don Snow has written an article on how to download the pdf handouts for the RootsTech 2018 talks.  These pdfs are available to anyone, whether you attended RootsTech or not.  Don's article is in his Freeware Corner notes at . 

Don Snow, 2nd VP of Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group (UVTAGG),

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